Orange County is conducting a Roadway Conceptual Analysis (RCA) study to evaluate multimodal improvements to the existing two-lane section of Tiny Road from the southern property line of Bridgewater Middle School to Tilden Road, about 2.0 miles. The study will also evaluate improvements to the intersections of Tilden Road, Orchard Hills Blvd, Hamlin Groves Trail/Cypress Hills Road, and Bridgewater Crossing Blvd. with Tiny Road. Improvements to the corridor may include intersection upgrades, improvements to bicycle and pedestrian access and mobility along the corridor, particularly around schools, and other improvements intended to create a more complete street such as amenities, landscaping, and sustainability.

The RCA Study process is Orange County's detailed project development program to identify realistic opportunities to speed up or advance important project phases needed to support the existing and planned residential and commercial developments in the area. In addition, the study will assess both social and environmental impacts associated with proposed road improvements. These improvements are intended to enhance traffic flow and safety in the area for all users. By the end of the study, a final preferred alternative will be presented that incorporates public input with technical evaluations assessing the net benefits of the improvements.